Raquel's 50th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 10th of Dec 2016 the group "Kiss the Monkey" threw a birthday bash at the El Camp (elcampusa.com) in El Sequndo, CA in order to celebrate the 50th birthday of their co-founder, RaQuel.

Two famous Fashion designers ,Pamela Quinzi Kilame from New York and Cece Leyton from CECE 'La Isla Vida' from Orange County had fashion shows showcasing their designs.

The Jayme Claire band, NYC musician Ry Ry Rye, Tiffany Nicole Brevard and
Michael Mcgonigle & Suzanne Gladstone entertained the guests with their performances.

Stoil Stoilov the Majestic Magician entertained with his magic tricks.

In addition to this being Raquel's birthday, it also was a Charity event which benefited the project "Save Our Surf", a nonprofit where PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THE KIDS to educate underprivileged kids, installed water filters in over nine third world villages in addition to sending over 20,000 children to camp who's schools can't afford field trips.

In additionally two awards were handed out that night. One presented to Samira Kazemeni (Host of a talk show called Samira's show, a Jewelry Designer and CEO of Samira Gem Creations) and the other went to Walter O'Brien (CEO of Scorpion Computer Services and executive producer of the Scorpion TV series).

Thank you Al Harris and RaQuel for including me in your celebration.

Happy Birthday Raquel.
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