Typhoon Haiyan Benefit Event

On December 14th 2013, Andre Soriano and team along with PASACAT
(Philippine Performing Arts Academy) and The Filipino-American association in conjunction with Operation Samahan hosted a charity event benefiting the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013. This event took place at the Nautilus Pavilion inside of the Sea World San Diego theme park in San Diego, CA.

All proceeds of The Filipinos benefit show will be donated to Volunteer for the Visayans through Operation Samahan, a non-profit partner, for survivors of Haiyan.

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A big Kudos specially goes out to all of the Awesome Models whom endured the cold weather in order to present an elaborate Fashion Show.
DSC8246  DSC8247  DSC8248  DSC8249 
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DSC8329  DSC8331  DSC8332  DSC8333 
DSC8334  DSC8335  DSC8336  DSC8337 
DSC8338  DSC8340  DSC8341  DSC8342 
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DSC8351  DSC8352  DSC8353  DSC8354 
DSC8355  DSC8356  DSC8357  DSC8358 
DSC8359  DSC8360  DSC8361  DSC8362 
DSC8363  DSC8364  DSC8365  DSC8366 
DSC8367  DSC8368  DSC8369  DSC8370 
DSC8371  DSC8372  DSC8373  DSC8375 
DSC8376  DSC8378  DSC8379  DSC8380 
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DSC8385  DSC8386  DSC8387  DSC8388 
DSC8389  DSC8390  DSC8391  DSC8392 
DSC8393  DSC8394  DSC8395  DSC8396 
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DSC8401  DSC8402  DSC8403  DSC8404 
DSC8405  DSC8406  DSC8407  DSC8408 
DSC8410  DSC8411  DSC8412  DSC8413 
DSC8414  DSC8415  DSC8416  DSC8417 
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DSC8424  DSC8425  DSC8426  DSC8427 
DSC8428  DSC8429  DSC8430  DSC8431 
DSC8432  DSC8433  DSC8434  DSC8435 
DSC8436  DSC8437  DSC8438  DSC8439 
DSC8440  DSC8441  DSC8442  DSC8443 
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DSC8458  DSC8459  DSC8460  DSC8461 
DSC8463  DSC8464  DSC8465  DSC8466 
DSC8467  DSC8469  DSC8471  DSC8472 
DSC8473  DSC8474  DSC8476  DSC8478 
DSC8479  DSC8480  DSC8481  DSC8482 
DSC8483  DSC8485  DSC8486  DSC8487 
DSC8488  DSC8489  DSC8490  DSC8491 
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DSC8501  DSC8502  DSC8503  DSC8505 
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DSC8516  DSC8517  DSC8518  DSC8520 
DSC8522  DSC8523  DSC8524  DSC8525 
DSC8526  DSC8527  DSC8528  DSC8529 
DSC8531  DSC8533  DSC8534  DSC8535 
DSC8536  DSC8537  DSC8538  DSC8540 
DSC8541  DSC8542  DSC8543  DSC8544 
DSC8545  DSC8546  DSC8547  DSC8548 
DSC8550  DSC8551  DSC8552  DSC8555 
DSC8556  DSC8557  DSC8558  DSC8559 
DSC8560  DSC8561  DSC8563  DSC8564 
DSC8566  DSC8567  DSC8568  DSC8569 
DSC8570  DSC8571  DSC8572  DSC8576 
DSC8577  DSC8578  DSC8579  DSC8580 
DSC8581  DSC8582  DSC8583  DSC8584 
DSC8585  DSC8586  DSC8587  DSC8589 
DSC8590  DSC8591  DSC8592  DSC8593 
DSC8594  DSC8595  DSC8597  DSC8598 
DSC8599  DSC8602  DSC8603  DSC8604 
DSC8606  DSC8607  DSC8608  DSC8610 
DSC8612  DSC8613  DSC8614  DSC8615 
DSC8616  DSC8617  DSC8618  DSC8619 
DSC8620  DSC8621  DSC8622  DSC8624 
DSC8625  DSC8626  DSC8627  DSC8628 
DSC8629  DSC8630  DSC8631  DSC8634 
DSC8635  DSC8636  DSC8637  DSC8639 
DSC8640  DSC8641  DSC8644  DSC8645 
DSC8646  DSC8649  DSC8650  DSC8651 
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DSC8658  DSC8659  DSC8661  DSC8662 
DSC8663  DSC8665  DSC8666  DSC8667 
DSC8671  DSC8672  DSC8674  DSC8676 
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DSC8739  DSC8740  DSC8741  DSC8742 
DSC8744  DSC8746  DSC8750  DSC8751 
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